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LTSS PAC Handbook

Role of Parent Advisory Council – A discussion
LTSS PAC constitution and bylaws
Executive and General Meetings
Code of Ethics
Executive Meetings
General Meetings
Policies and Procedures
Financial Management and Accounting Procedures
Fundraising Policies and Procedures
Calendar of Duties
Appointment and Accountability of Committees
Lord Tweedsmuir Traditions In a Nutshell
Education Programs
School Traditions
Community Traditions
List of Contacts and Resources

“The PAC is focused on its mandate to support the best interests of all students.”  Pg.5

The ideal PAC: “Parent advisory councils have tended to evolve from early stages that focus on receiving information from administrators and fundraising, to later stages where PACs work with school staff in developing and monitoring school goals, policies, and programs. The most sophisticated groups serve on school and district committees, support parent advocacy, participate in selection of administrators, and examine the potential impact on students of broader educational issues.” Pg.i

Barriers to effective PAC Involvement: they “arise from a variety of sources and can be broadly categorized as: inadequate legislation; lack of information; inadequate communication; lack of opportunity to impact labour negotiations; pressure to fundraise; lack of PAC continuity; curriculum and program overload; lack of district policy development; and lack of financial support for PACs.” Pg.7-8
 - From BCCPAC “The Role of Parent Advisory Councils in BC Public Schools” A Discussion Paper June 2001-

As a PAC it is important to remember that every parent and guardian of a student at the school is eligible to be a member of the school’s PAC whether they attend meetings or not. Therefore it is vital to invite communication and input from all in order to be as representative as possible so as to put a strong parental voice forward when addressing concerns, goals and plans with the school administrator and staff as well as more broadly to the school board and Ministry of Education.  At Lord Tweedsmuir we would like to continue to work towards the vision of an ideal PAC as defined above. By respecting the viewpoints of each other - parents and staff - and working together we can fulfill our mandate.  Not only can we attend meetings, we can advise, monitor, support, advocate, and evaluate in the best interests of all our students in cooperation with the school staff.

Section 1.         NAME
                        The name of the organization shall be the Lord Tweedsmuir Parent Advisory Council.
Section 2.         PURPOSE
                        To promote cooperation, the free exchange of ideas among staff, students and parents relating to school programs and policies and to promote the right to participate in determining the educational policies and services provided for the students.
Section 3          OBJECTIVES
This group shall properly carry out such activities as approved by the general membership of the Lord Tweedsmuir Parent Advisory Council, which contribute to a sense of school community. Such activities shall include:
3.1 Reviewing, discussing and making recommendations regarding school policies, practices and procedures.
3.2 Reviewing and discussing decisions and events that affect the environment and education programs at the school.
3.3 Assisting in ensuring a safe environment in respect of student well being such as health, safety and vandalism issues.
3.4 Contributing to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parents and other community members as additional resources to the school through approved volunteer activities.
Section 4          DISSOLUTION
                        4.1 In the event of dissolution and following payment of all outstanding debt and cost of dissolution, disbursement of remaining funds will be decided upon by the membership at the final general meeting to be distributed to Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary school. This provision shall be unalterable.
                        4.2 All records of the organization shall be placed under the jurisdiction of Surrey School district in the person of the principal of the school.

Section 5          INTERPRETATION
                        In the constitution and these bylaws,
                        5.1 “Act” means the Society Act
                        5.2 “AGM” means an annual general meeting
                        5.3 “Board” or “Board of Directors” means the directors of the Society for the time being, acting as a body
                        5.4 “director” means a director of the Society
                        5.5 “general meeting” includes an AGM and a special general meeting
                        5.6 “member” means a member of the Society
                        5.7 “Society” means the Lord Tweedsmuir Parent Advisory Council
                        5.8  “written” means any mode of representing or reproducing words in written form, including printing, lithography, typewriting, photography, email, and fax
                        5.9  “constitution”, “bylaws”, “special resolution”, and “ordinary resolution” have the meaning given to them in the Act
                        5.10 the singular includes the plural and vice versa, and
                        5.11 persons include corporations and associations
                        5.12 The definitions in the Act on the date these bylaws become effective apply to these bylaws.
                        5.13 Each member is entitled to and the Society must on request give the member a copy of the constitution and bylaws upon payment of a fee determined by the Board, but that fee must not exceed $1.00.
                        5.14 The constitution and bylaws can only be amended by special resolution.
Section 6          MEMBERSHIP
                        6.1 All parents and guardians of students registered at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School shall be entitled to be voting members of the Lord Tweedsmuir Parent Advisory Council.
                        6.2 Administration and staff (teaching and non‑teaching) of Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School shall be non‑voting members of the group.
                        6.3 Members of the school community who are not parents of students currently in the system shall also be non‑voting members of the group.
                        6.4 Every member has a duty to uphold this Constitution and comply with these Bylaws.
Section 7          EXECUTIVE
                        The group shall elect the following slate of officers from the voting members for each school year. 
                        The executive officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Representative to the Surrey District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC Rep) and the Representative to the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC).
                        7.1 President/Chair
                                    7.1.a     The President shall convene and preside at all membership, special and executive meetings.
                                    7.1.b     Shall, in consultation with the executive, ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented.
                                    7.1.c     May dispense with formal voting procedures on internal matters.
                                    7.1.d     Shall appoint committees where authorized to do so by the executive for membership.
                                    7.1.e     Shall take such actions or ensure that such actions are taken by others to achieve the objectives and purpose of the organization.
                                    7.1.f     Shall promote representation to District #36 Parent Advisory Council.
                                    7.1.g     Shall keep the PAC Handbook up to date.
                        7.2 Vice President
                                    7.2.a     The Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence.
                                    7.2.b     Shall accept extra duties as required.
                        7.3 Secretary
                                    7.3.a     The Secretary will record the minutes of general, special and executive meetings.
                                    7.3.b     Will issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the organization.
                                    7.3.c     The secretary will ensure that all documents, except documents that are the responsibility of the president or treasurer, are prepared records and filed as required by School District #36 (Surrey), the School Act, and/or other legislation.
                        7.4 Treasurer
                                    7.4.a     The Treasurer will be responsible for and report on the accounts of the organization
                                    7.4.b     Shall be one of the signing officers of the Executive as per Section 18.
                                    7.4.c     Shall prepare a financial report for publication in the school newsletter as per Section 18.
                                    7.4.d     Shall assist the executive with a tentative plan of expenditures as per Section 18.
                                    7.4.e     The outgoing treasurer is responsible to complete year end financials within 6 weeks of the fiscal year end.
                        7.5 Representative to (School District #36) District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)
                                    7.5.a     The DPAC Representative shall represent the PAC at regular and extraordinary DPAC meetings.
            7.5.b     Shall report District information to the Executive and shall report to General Meetings of the PAC as required.
                                    7.5.c     Will coordinate correspondence to and from the Surrey DPAC.
                  7.6  Representative to the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC)
            7.6.a     The BCCPAC Representative shall represent the PAC at all regular and extraordinary BCCPAC meetings.
                        7.6.b                                   Shall report provincial information to the Executive and shall report to General Meetings of the PAC as required.
                        7.6.c                                    Shall report on and coordinate correspondence to and from BCCPAC.
7.7 Vacancy on Executive
                                    7.7.a     If any officer resigns during a term of office or if any office is not filled at the time of elections, the PAC Executive may appoint an eligible voting member to fill the vacancy until the next election.
                                    7.7.b     The position of Secretary and Treasurer may not be combined.
Section 8          DUTY OF OFFICERS
                        8.1        Represent and speak on behalf of the PAC at meetings.
                        8.2        Take direction from the general PAC membership.
                        8.3        Report back to the PAC at general meetings.

Section 9          COMMITTEES
                        9.1 PAC Officers – Parents elected or appointed to chair or co-chair a committee and attend the general meetings.
                        9.2 Committees are responsible to the Executive and shall report to the executive as required.
                                    9.2.a     School staff may be afforded representation on committees.
                                    9.2.b     Members may be appointed to special committees by the President
Section 10        ELECTIONS
                        10.1      Election term – The length of term for Executive positions and officers shall be thirteen months commencing June 1 of year A and finishing June 30 of the following year (B), with the exception of the treasurer whose term will expire September 30th as per Section 7.4.e.
                        10.2  All elected and appointed members of the PAC shall resign at the end of the term. All outgoing officers must pass all files and documentation on to the new officers within one month in order to facilitate the change and orientation of new PAC officers. With the exception of the treasurer who as per section 7.4.e will turn over all materials within six (6) weeks of the fiscal year end.
                                    10.2.a   Such resignation to take place during the May Election, effective at the end of the meeting at which the election was held.
                                    10.2.b   Retiring officers are eligible for nomination and re‑election during the May election, except that it is suggested that no member remain in any one position on the Executive body for more than four years. The same member may be re-elected in a position longer than the suggested four years when no other nominees are put forward.
                                    10.2.c   Only voting members are permitted to be nominated, elected or hold office in this council.
                        11.1 Election of the Executive will take place during a General meeting, which will be held each and every May.
                        11.2 The election of representatives to the School Planning Council and the District PAC must be by secret ballot. (School Act, s.8(6))
Section 12        NOMINATIONS
                        12.1 A 'Nomination's Committee’ may be formed as required by the Executive.
                        12.2 Nominations may be received up to and during the May General meeting until declared closed by the President.
Section 13        GENERAL MEETINGS
                        13.1 The number of General Meetings is set by the Executive with no fewer than 5 meetings per school year.
                        13.2 Extraordinary meetings are called by the Executive with a minimum of seven (7) days notice.
                        13.3 Executive Meetings
                                    13.3.a   Executive meeting times may be prescribed by the Executive
                                    13.3.b   Extraordinary meetings may be called by the President.
                        13.4 Notice of meetings shall be a minimum of 7 days.
                                    13.4.a   The inadvertent omission to give notice of a meeting, or the failure of a member to receive notice, does not invalidate proceedings at the meeting.
                        14.1 Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Lord Tweedsmuir Parent Advisory Council may be made at any General Membership meeting at which business is conducted, providing:
                                    14.1.a   Proper notice of the meeting has been given (fourteen (14) days minimum).
                                    14.1.b   The notice of the meeting should also include notice of the specific amendments proposed.
                                    14.1.c   A two ‑ thirds (2/3) majority vote of those voting members present at the meeting will be required to amend the Constitution and Bylaws.
Section 15        QUORUM
                        15.1 The number of voting members present at any duly called general meeting shall be at least 5 in order to constitute a quorum.
Section 16        VOTING
                        16.1 A voting member present at a general meeting is entitled to one vote
                        16.2 No proxies are permitted
                        16.3 Voting is by a show of hands or, where requested by two members present, by secret ballot.
                        16.4 Except as provided elsewhere in these bylaws, all matters requiring a vote shall be a decided by a simple majority of the votes cast.
                        16.5 In the case of a tie (equal number of) votes cast, the chair does not have a second or casting vote and the proposed resolution shall not pass.

                        17.1 Meetings will be conducted efficiently and with fairness to the members.
                        17.2 If procedural problems should arise, "Robert's Rules of Order", current edition, will be used to resolve the situation, unless they are in conflict with the guidelines of this
                        Constitution and Bylaws, in which case these bylaws will prevail.
Section 18        FINANCES
                        18.1 Tentative plan of expenditures should be drawn up by the executive and presented for approval at a general meeting prior to the end of October of each year.
                        18.2 All funds of the organization will be deposited in a Chartered Bank or Credit Union or any Financial Establishment registered under the Bank Act.
                        18.3 The Executive will name three to four signing officers, one of whom will be the Treasurer, for banking and legal documents. Any two signatures will be required for these documents.
                        18.4 A Treasurer's report to all members should be published in the school newsletter prior to the end of each school year.
                        18.5 The financial year shall be August 1 to July 31.
                        19.1  “School Planning Council has five representatives of which three are parents from the school. Three parent representatives to the School Planning Council (SPC) shall be elected annually from parents of students enrolled in the school, who are not employees of any school district. One of the representatives must be an elected officer of the Parent Advisory Council. (School Act, s.8.1(3)(c), 8.1(4), and 8.1(7))”
                        19.2  The SPC parent representative shall:
                                    19.2.a   Be one of three elected SPC parent representatives
                                    19.2.b   Represent and speak on behalf of the PAC at SPC meetings
                                    19.2.c.  Take direction from the general PAC membership
                                    19.2.d   Report back to the PAC at general meetings               
Section 20        CODE OF CONDUCT
                        20.1 The Lord Tweedsmuir School Parent Advisory Council is not a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students, parents or other individual members of the school community.
                        20.2 An Executive member who is approached by a parent with a concern relating to Section 20 is in a privileged position and must treat such discussion as confidential.

Conducting Meetings

Meetings follow a code of ethics that facilitates mutual respect, openness and honesty, promotes equality, and advocates for parents and students in an environment of team work with the school staff.  As such, the chair of the meeting and those present are expected to conduct the meeting with a degree of decorum that is respectful to all (staff and parents alike), is fair, focused and facilitates healthy and lively discussions The chair is responsible for keeping order at the meeting and diverting discussions away from inappropriate topics/gossip and keeping everyone on topic.
The executive members are charged with representing the views of the parents of the school and advocating for all students. Executive members and regular participants at the PAC meetings are encouraged to gather many parents’ views on topics so that a broad representation of voices is heard at the meeting.
Generally Roberts Rules of Order are followed in order to keep meetings organized, focused, and conducted in a timely manner. The use of motions is recommended to put forward a position or represent a decision made and identify the support or lack thereof via a simple majority vote.
Executive positions are thirteen-month terms and at the May General Meeting all positions are up for election. (Refer to the LT PAC Constitution and Bylaws: Elections section).  All elected and appointed members are accountable to the general members. The term begins with the conclusion of the May elections. Note that the outgoing treasurer has the responsibility to close the fiscal year end financials.
The executive may prescribe executive meeting times, while the president may call Extraordinary Meetings. The president chairs these meetings. The executive is defined in the constitution as the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and DPAC Rep. The executive meeting is organized in advance, inclusive and discusses issues and concerns at the school. All members of the executive are notified in advance of the meeting and requested to participate. A reasonable amount of time is given for notification. Notification can be either via phone calls, emails or letter.
The chair of the meeting prepares an agenda in advance and makes it available to the executive members. Meeting minutes are recorded and preferably distributed within one week of the meeting.
Budgetary recommendations are made at the executive level. The approval of the budget and any changes to the budget are made at the general meetings when the general membership is available to vote.
General meetings are advertised to the school’s parents through the school calendar issued to every student at the beginning of the school year and through the monthly school newsletter. General meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month except in December, June and any other month determined by the executive.
The President works in collaboration with the executive and the principal to prepare the agenda. Meeting minutes are recorded and distributed by the next meeting. They are reviewed and approved /amended with a motion.
The general meeting is the decision making venue of the PAC in that budgets, changes to the budget, changes to the constitution and bylaws, gaming budgets, elections are determined at general meetings.  Reports from committee chairs and reps are given at general meetings. The principal gives a report, solicits input at the general meeting.

Agenda Format for Executive Meetings

Chair and recorder of minutes identified
Review of previous executive meeting minutes.
Business arising out of minutes.  (May also review business arising out of general meeting minutes)
Tabled items
Review of agenda items
Current Issue(s)
Treasurer’s Report
Next meeting and Adjournment

Agenda Format for General Meetings

Chair and recorder of minutes identified
Review of agenda items
                        President / Vice President
                        DPAC Rep
                        Student Leadership Council
                        Grad Committee
Review of previous meeting minutes
Business arising out of minutes
Tabled items
Topic of Interest and guest speaker
Next meeting and Adjournment

Fiscal Year

The PAC fiscal year is August 1 to July 31. At the fiscal year end the outgoing PAC treasurer is responsible for closing the financial books and completing the year-end Income Statement. As per the constitution the treasurer prepares a summary of the expenditures for the general membership at the end of the school year.  The outgoing treasurer hands over the books and financial records to the incoming treasurer in September.

Bank Accounts Policies and Procedures

Lord Tweedsmuir PAC maintains two separate bank accounts at the HSBC bank – Southpoint Branch.  One account is simply the PAC GENERAL operations account. It is the bank account into which goes all money raised through non-gaming activities.
The other account is the GAMING account into which goes monies granted from the BC Gaming Commission and revenue generated from gaming activities (e.g., raffles).  This account allocates funds as per the rules and regulations set out by the Gaming branch. The gaming account pays for the majority of the authorized expenses. The school’s Secretary-Treasurer keeps records of the breakdown of funds allocated to the school. This information is shared with the PAC Treasurer who ensures that all the gaming funds are properly distributed for the year received.

Cheques and Signing Authority Policies

Each cheque requires two signatures. Those designated with signing authority must be members of the PAC executive. The treasurer must be one of the signing officers. Signing authority has been assigned to four members of the PAC executive, typically – Treasurer, President, Vice President and Secretary.
Signing authority is determined by September at the latest, preferably in May when elections are completed. The new signing officers must go to the PAC bank and complete the bank’s procedures to sign on the new officers and remove the defunct signatures.

Deposit Procedures

Deposits refer to all cash and cheques arising from PAC and school fundraising activities. A list of all cheques (names), cheque numbers and amounts is written up and summed. The cheques are stamped on the back with the “Lord Tweedsmuir PAC” stamp. The cash amounts are listed (e.g., 5 x $20) and summed. The subtotals are added for a grand total for the deposit. The money is put into an envelope and signed and sealed for the treasurer. The head secretary writes up the accounting summary, identifies what the funds were from, dates it and attaches the summary to the envelope of the money. Suggestion: photocopy the summary sheet(s). The bank prefers to have coins separated according to their currency (sandwich bags work well for this) and rolled as appropriate. Deposit money (and summary information) in school safe. Call the treasurer to notify her/him that a deposit is ready to go.
In accounting the separation of duties principle requires that the treasurer does not do both the deposits and payables (writes cheques for expenses). Therefore it is recommended that the president or vice president completes the deposit slip using the summary sheet and deposits the funds into the PAC bank account. Ideally deposits are put into the PAC bank account the same day they are received.
Night deposits are done when depositing funds raised during a large fundraiser which occurs all day or evening. As per above the counting and deposit slips would be completed the same day of the event and the deposit would be made by minimum two people together at the PAC bank account the same evening. The funds in this instance do not go home overnight. Night deposits can also be utilized when making deposits after banking hours.

Cheque Reimbursements, Cheque Requisitions and Expenses

In order for an authorized expense to be reimbursed a cheque requisition must be completed in full by the person requesting reimbursement. The original receipt or invoice or purchase order must accompany the cheque requisition. A reasonable time (up to one week) is accorded to the treasurer to process the cheque requisition, verify with the budget, and issue a cheque. The treasurer, president and vice president together handle any concerns as to the validity of the requisition.
Cheques requested in advance to pay for large items can be arranged separately so long as the supplier and amount are known and a receipt is received with payment. This needs to be arranged in advance with the treasurer and approved by at least one other signing officer.


Ideally the PAC executive and the school’s administrator collaborate to identify the needs and goals of the school to earmark funds and set budget revenue goals. The PAC GENERAL Budget and the GAMING budget, is prepared for the new fiscal year and voted on at the October General Meeting with a motion. The budget needs to be approved prior to any expenses being reimbursed. Throughout the fiscal year any changes to the budget or any requests for funds not included in the budget must be taken to a General Meeting for approval.


The head secretary has great responsibility for fundraising at the high school. The head secretary is responsible for:
1.     Selecting and recommending which fundraising activities occur at the school
2.     Organizing the fundraising activities with staff and volunteers.
3.     Collecting the orders and fundraising money and giving it to the treasurer as per the financial policies above.

Policy and Procedures

The administrator is notified of all fundraising activities in advance. Note that the administrator has ultimate responsibility for the school and may indicate that an activity is inappropriate.
The PAC fiscal year begins August 1 and concludes July 31. Certain duties are required by our constitution and bylaws to be concluded based on the fiscal year while others are recommended or desired.
Develop budget of expenditures and have approved at general meeting
Go to bank to change signing authorities if changes in executive

Meet with administrators & staff
Elect School Planning Council reps, appoint any other positions unfilled
Review PAC Philosophy, Mission Statement
Determine purpose and objectives for the school year; discuss official School Plan objectives with SPC reps and principal

Gaming Account Summary Report due within 90 days from PAC financial year end.

Prep newsletter with budget & fiscal year end report

Work w school treasurer to prepare any raffle license submissions (e.g. for dry grad) to the BC Gaming Branch

SD 36 “440” funding chq
Submit any resolutions to BCCPAC for consideration at AGM in May
Review PAC Constitution and Bylaws, school/school board legislative changes

Start talking to administration about Surrey’s Board of Trade “top 25 under 25 award nominees”.
Apply for Direct Access Gaming Grant
Review BCCPAC Resolutions
Plan staff appreciation event
Schedule meetings and topics for next school calendar year
PAC Elections for Executive and Committee Positions at General Meeting
Complete gaming application before June deadline
Attendance at DPAC AGM
Attendance at BCCPAC AGM
Reports from executive delivered at AGM:
DPAC rep
SPC reps
Grad Committee rep
Discuss next year’s calendar with staff
PAC newsletter to include executive year end reports
Transition old to new executive, handover binders, duties and discuss plans for next school year
PAC newsletter to include fiscal update reports, PAC scholarship winners
Go to bank to change signing authorities if changes in executive

Treasurer to complete year-end financial statements for July 31

Committees are to be formed in an open forum (i.e., PAC General Meeting) where anyone has the opportunity to participate. Committees are to make continual updates at the general meetings as to how things are progressing. Project Committees gather, sort and prepare information and recommendations for presentation to the executive prior to a general meeting.
Committees are responsible to the Executive. The PAC President may appoint members to special committees. (Refer to the Constitution: Section 9).

Music Program

The music program at Lord Tweedsmuir is a longstanding favourite of the school. One of our traditions is musical presentation in the fall and again in the spring.

Special Education Program

Lord Tweedsmuir has a proud history of welcoming students with special needs. The special education program serves a broader school community than just Lord Tweedsmuir’s pupil catchment.

LORD TWEEDsmuir Parent evenings

Throughout the year the staff at Lord Tweedsmuir host a number of parent evenings providing information to increase students success in high school. For example, in September a session for Studying for Success, in November a session for parents of grade 10 students in preparation for planning their courses in grades 11and 12 for successful graduation.

Grade 8 special events

Lord Tweedsmuir’s staff and administration go to great lengths to make the grade 8 students new to the school welcome. A grade 8 dance in September is held along with either a pancake breakfast, special intramural sports events and a camp like leadership day.

Grade 12 special events

Grade 12 students benefit from a number of “grad student only” activities including Santa’s breakfast in December, tree chipping fundraiser in January, and dry grad in June.

30 hour famine

Leadership students organize a 30 hour famine fundraiser each year in which student participants solicit pledges and donations and fast for 30 hours to simulate the plight of poverty stricken young people around the world. Students begin their fast at home Thursday at midnight, attend school all day Friday and spend the evening overnight at the school until approximately 9 am Saturday morning when a light breakfast is served.

Red Cross Blood donation challenge

This annual challenge invites students in grade 12 especially to participate in giving blood regularly throughout the school year and possibly life long. In Surrey the high schools vie to be named the school which donated the most blood to the Red Cross.


The staff host 3 main dances for the students during the school year. The grade 8 and/or 9’s have a special dance in September. The school hosts a Hallowe’en costume dance, a Valentine’s dance and a Rodeo dance in May. Tickets are presold and are sold on a first come first served basis. Doors are open only for a select period of time at the beginning of the evening.

Athletic Programs

Lord Tweedsmuir boasts having one of the largest athletic programs for high schools in BC and possibly all of Canada. With over 40% of the students participating in one or more sports teams you have a school with a strong athletic basis and one with lots of pride. Panther Pride is evident in the amazing mural in the school’s main gym. The school currently hosts a “Hockey School” for hockey career minded young men and a “Fastball School” for baseball’s talented young women also looking for scholarship routes to university and professional careers. 

Christmas Hampers - December

Each year Lord Tweedsmuir invites the school’s students and staff to contribute food for hampers that are then brought to local organizations, which distribute them to those in need.

Christmas Tree chipping – January

After the Christmas holidays Lord Tweedsmuir’s graduating class provides a tree chipping service for those who have live Christmas trees. Customers are invited to give a donation for the service which goes towards the GRAD 12 activities.


For several years part of the excitement for the graduating class is the prize of a car donated by a local dealership. During the dry grad festivities students names are entered into a draw and the winner is announced in late May.
BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils               604 687 4433       
BCCPAC Advocacy Project (see Surrey line below)         1 888 351 9834
BC Ministry of Education                                                                         
BC Public Schools Employers Association                                               
BC School Trustees Association                                                               
BC Teachers Federation                                                               
Surrey District Parents Advisory Council                         School Courier #068
Surrey DPAC Advocacy Project – message line              604 574 0951
Surrey School District – Board of School Trustees          604 596 7733    
Surrey School District - Special Education Dept.            604 596 9325
Elementary Schools in our area: (Correct at time of printing)                      Courier #
Lord Tweedsmuir’s courier # is
Within 4 km    
AJ McLellan                              16545 61 Ave                             574-7296           178
George Greenaway                    17285 61 A Ave                         576 1136           090
Don Christian                            6256 184 St                                 576 1381           127
Hillcrest                                     18599 65 Ave                             575 1359           176
Latimer Road                            19233 60 Ave                              576 9184           035      
Martha Currie                            5811 184 St                                576 8551            061
Sunrise Ridge                            18690 60 Ave                              576 3000           149
Surrey Centre                            16670 Old McLellan Rd              576-9191           039
Surrey Traditional                      17857 56 Ave                             576 8295           004
Beyond 4 km    
Clayton                                       7541 184 St                                576 6411           013
East Clayton                               18680 72 Ave                             576 2414           101
William Watson                         16450 80 Ave                             574 4141          
Coast Meridian                           8222 168 A St                            574 6036
Secondary Schools in our area:
Clayton Heights                         7003 188 St                               576 4138
Sullivan Heights                          6250 144 St

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